Originally published in 1984, Virginia Woolf: Guide to Research is a bibliographic guide to the writings and critical reception of the works of Virginia Woolf. The guide is a simply organized guide that makes easily accessible, a diversified body of critical works on Virginia Woolf. The scholarship is organised into key collections, based around Woolf’s major works of fiction, and contains studies from a variety of content, including periodicals, articles, book chapters as well as foreign-language books.




Periodical Abbreviations

part 1|15 pages

Primary Bibliography

chapter A|7 pages

Major Works

chapter D|1 pages


part 2|197 pages

Secondary Bibliography

chapter E|4 pages


chapter J|4 pages

J. Studies of the Voyage Out (1915)

chapter K|2 pages

Studies of Night and Day (1919)

chapter L|4 pages

Studies of Jacob’S Room (1922)

chapter M|14 pages

Studies of Mrs. Dalloway (1925)

chapter N|15 pages

Studies of to the Lighthouse (1927)

chapter P|6 pages

Studies of Orlando (1928)

chapter Q|10 pages

Studies of The Waves (1931)

chapter R|5 pages

Studies of the Years (1937)

chapter S|5 pages

Studies of Between the Acts (1941)

chapter T|5 pages

Studies of the Short Stories

chapter U|6 pages

Studies of the Autobiographical Writings

chapter X|10 pages

Studies of the Essays

chapter Y|1 pages

Studies of the Miscellaneous Writings

chapter Z|22 pages

Dissertations on Virginia Woolf