Social Identity and the Law: Race, Sexuality and Intersectionality is an important resource for inquiry into the relationship between law and social identity in the contexts of race, sexuality and intersectionality in the United States.

The book provides a systematic legal treatment of selected historical and contemporary civil rights and social justice issues in areas affecting African Americans, Latinos/as, Asian Americans and LGBTQ persons from a law and politics perspective. It covers topics such as the legal and social construction of social identity, slavery and the rise of Jim Crow, discrimination based on national origin and citizenship, educational equity, voting rights, workplace discrimination, discrimination in private and public spaces, regulation of intimate relationships, marriage and reproductive justice, and criminal justice.

Lecturers will benefit from:

  • Fifty-seven excerpted cases accompanied with engaging questions presented at the beginning of each case to stimulate class discussion.
  • An eResource including 129 supplemental case excerpts and case briefs for all excerpted cases appearing in the book.
  • Suggested reading lists at the end of each chapter recommending key articles and books to help students survey the academic literature on the topics.

With a logical chapter structure and accessible writing style, this textbook is an essential companion for use on undergraduate courses on American constitutional law, civil liberties and civil rights, social justice, and race and law.

chapter Chapter 1|22 pages

Social Identity and the Law

chapter Chapter 2|26 pages

Slavery, Reconstruction and the Rise of Jim Crow

chapter Chapter 4|31 pages

Equity in Education

chapter Chapter 5|27 pages

Making Democracy More Inclusive

chapter Chapter 6|26 pages

Workplace Discrimination

chapter Chapter 7|25 pages

Discrimination in Private and Public Spaces

chapter Chapter 9|28 pages

Criminal Injustice