• Fourth-year language learning or above in preparation for real-life business situations

• Timeless business topics ranging from frequently occurring business activities, economic systems and phenomena, to issues of broad interest

• Simulated real-world tasks connecting the classroom to China’s current economic developments through students’ own efforts
组织大量以学生为主体的任务型实践活动 ,实现题材即时更新

• A focus on formal language style and business terminology

• Summary of important features of Chinese with emphasis on language learning skills to cultivate self-sustained and effective language learners

part |227 pages

商务汉语热身 Preparatory lesson: Business Chinese warm-up

lesson 1|19 pages

股票市场与房地产市场 The stock market and real estate market

lesson 2|18 pages

外汇市场与汇率 The foreign exchange market and exchange rates

lesson 3|19 pages

市场营销 Marketing

lesson 4|19 pages

国际贸易 International trade

lesson 5|18 pages

企业管理 Business administration

lesson 6|18 pages

跨国经营 Transnational operations

lesson 7|18 pages

所有制与经营方式 Ownership and modes of operation

lesson 8|19 pages

经济衰退与通货膨胀 Economic recession and inflation

lesson 9|18 pages

税收 Taxation

lesson 10|18 pages

个人理财与保险 Personal finance management and insurance

lesson 11|19 pages

知识产权 Intellectual property

lesson 12|19 pages

商业道德与社会责任 Business ethics and social responsibility

part |35 pages

关于使用习测课的建议 Recommended use of round-up lessons

chapter Round-up 1|16 pages

科技创新 Technological innovation

chapter Round-up 2|17 pages

互联网和数字经济 Internet and digital economy