The Criminal Finances Act 2017 introduced the most radical change to tackling money laundering and corruption, recovering the proceeds of crime and counter terrorist financing, since the Proceeds of Crime Act was passed in 2002. This book will provide an excellent commentary on the changes introduced by the Act, with practical insights and an explanation of the Act’s provisions.

Topics included are:

  • money laundering;
  • unexplained wealth orders;
  • terrorist property;
  • tax evasion; and
  • reasonable prevention procedures.

Authored by Jonathan Fisher QC and Anita Clifford, barristers specializing in proceeds of crime and financial crime cases, this book will be of great interest and importance to all legal professionals working in the financial sector.

chapter |3 pages


chapter 1|9 pages

Extending the SAR moratorium period

chapter 3|6 pages

Money laundering and information sharing

chapter 4|13 pages

Unexplained wealth orders

chapter 7|16 pages

Terrorist financing and terrorist property

chapter |2 pages