First published in 1940. The Byronic Teuton explores the delineation in German literature, between 1800 and 1933, of certain pessimistic ideas and emotions that were being expressed by writers, artists and academics. This manifestation of negative sentiments was defined by Hentschel as ‘Byronism’. This title will be of interest to students of literature.

chapter I|16 pages

Byronic Perspectives

chapter II|24 pages

Weimar and the Dæmonic

chapter III|21 pages

Byronic Disintegration

chapter IV|25 pages

Byronic Politicians

chapter V|21 pages

Nihilism and Nietzsche

chapter VI|21 pages

The Byronic Naturalists

chapter VII|31 pages

La Femme Fatale

chapter VIII|39 pages

Mors, Momus, and Mars

chapter IX|18 pages

Anglo-German Antithesis