Originally published in 1989. This book, which was one of the first to take account of the recommendations of the Education Reform Act which came into effect in September 1988, provides a practical overview of primary school management from resources, which include staff, space, equipment and finance, to relationships with outside bodies, governors, parents, teachers, children and non-teaching staff.



chapter 1|21 pages

Relationships with the Governing Body

chapter 2|9 pages

Relationships with Parents

chapter 5|17 pages

The Effective Headteacher

chapter 6|10 pages

Managing One’s Own Time

chapter 7|13 pages

Managing the Curriculum

chapter 8|12 pages

Managing Financial Resources

chapter 9|12 pages

Managing Change

chapter 10|15 pages

Managing for Continuity

chapter 12|13 pages

Staff Selection and Appointment

chapter 13|12 pages

Staff Development