First published in 1911. The first chapter in this fascinating study devotes itself to a short preliminary introduction to Darwin’s ideas, and some remarks on the thoughts of the ancients on the subject and how matters stood in the period immediately preceding the appearance of Darwin himself. The second and third chapters discuss Darwin’s theory and a suggested alternative hypothesis. The concluding chapter is devoted to the philosophical aspect of the case, and to some general reflections after a close perusal of Darwin’s works.

part I|1 pages

Darwin’s Law of Natural Selection

chapter Chapter I|17 pages


chapter Chapter II|18 pages

Preliminary Observations

chapter Chapter III|15 pages

Darwin’s Theory, What Is It!

chapter Chapter IV|19 pages

An Alternative Hypothesis

chapter Chapter V|14 pages

Two Fatal Objections

chapter Chapter VI|24 pages

Man and the Monkey

chapter Chapter VII|17 pages

The Law of Hybridity

chapter Chapter VIII|21 pages

Transitional Varieties, and the Geological Record

chapter Chapter IX|26 pages

Centres of Creation, The Ice-Age, and Means of Dispersal

chapter Chapter X|16 pages

Natura Non Facit Saltum

chapter Chapter XI|22 pages

The Mental and Moral Qualities of Man and the Animals

chapter Chapter XII|8 pages

Miscellaneous Objections

chapter Chapter XIII|7 pages

Sexual Selection

chapter Chapter XIV|24 pages

The Law of Evidence, and General Observations

chapter Chapter XV|14 pages

Some Closing Observations

part II|2 pages

The Trend of Darwin’s Philosophy and Conclusion

chapter Chapter XVI|74 pages

Darwin’s Philosophy and Reflections Thereon

chapter Chapter XVII|4 pages