The concept of everyday struggles can enliven our understanding of the lives of young people and how social class is made and remade. This book invokes a Bourdieusian spirit to think about the ways young people are pushed and pulled by the normative demands directed at them from an early age, whilst they reflexively understand that allegedly available incentives for making the ‘right’ choices and working hard – financial and familial security, social status and job satisfaction – are a declining prospect.

In Youth, Class and Everyday Struggles, the figures of those classed as 'hipsters' and 'bogans' are used to analyse how representation works to form a symbolic and moral economy that produces and polices fuzzy class boundaries. Further to this, the practices of young people around DIY cultures are analysed to illustrate struggles to create a satisfying and meaningful existence while negotiating between study, work and creative passions.

By thinking through different modalities of struggles, which revolve around meaning making and identity, creativity and authenticity, Threadgold brings Bourdieu’s sociological practice together with theories of affect, emotion, morals and values to broaden our understanding of how young people make choices, adapt, strategise, succeed, fail and make do.

Youth, Class and Everyday Struggles will appeal to undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as postdoctoral researchers, of fields including: Youth Studies, Class and Inequality, Work and Careers, Subcultures, Media and Creative Industries, Social Theory and Bourdieusian Theory.

part I|70 pages

Youth studies and theoretical foundations

chapter |3 pages

A mix tape for Part 1

chapter 1|23 pages

Youth, class and everyday struggles

chapter 2|24 pages

Sociological practice

Towards a Bourdieusian understanding

part II|63 pages

Classification struggles in the field of representation

chapter |3 pages

A mix tape for Part 2

chapter 4|29 pages

Hipsters and bogans

Distinctive figures of classed anxieties

chapter 5|30 pages

Hipsters and bogans in the news media and comedy

Two case studies

part III|80 pages

DIY cultures

chapter |4 pages

A mix tape for Part 3

chapter 6|42 pages

A DIY scene

Cultural struggles and meaning making

chapter 7|20 pages

A DIY career?

Labour and creativity struggles

chapter 8|8 pages


Hipsters, bogans and class in the DIY scene

chapter 9|5 pages