There is a standard belief that the modern theory of marginal utility originated in the UK with Jevons, Germany with Gossen, Austria with Menger and France with Walras. In this new book, John Chipman introduces new English translations of important writings from German economists such as Rau, Hildebrand, Roscher and Knies showing that the introduction of this concept originated with them. This ground breaking book comes with a long introduction from John Chipman analysing the theory.

Introduction  1. Investigations in Political Economy (1832) Chapter I  2. Investigations in Political Economy (1832) Chapter IV  3. Second Letter to Adolphe Quetelet (1843)  4. 'The Valuation of National Wealth' (1841)  5. 'The Bases of Price Determination' (1841)  6. 'The Valuation of National Wealth' (1847)  7. The National Economy of the Present and Future (1848) (excerps)  9. The Theory of Value (1852)  10. 'The Theory of Value in National Economics' (1855)  11. 'Value' from Foundations of National Economics 1864)  12. 'The Chapter on Value' (1863, revised 1873)  13. 'On the Theory of Value' (1868, revised 1871)