An unparalleled overview of current design considerations for your digital library! Digital Libraries: Philosophies, Technical Design Considerations, and Example Scenarios is a balanced overview of public services, collection development, administration, and systems support, for digital libraries, with advice on adopting the latest technologies that appear on the scene. As a professional in the library and information science field, you will benefit from this special issue that serves as an overview of selected directions, trends, possibilities, limitations, enhancements, design principals, and ongoing projects for integrated library and information systems. In Digital Libraries, you will discover the latest ideas and research on digitizing and distributing online library material, including information on:

  • organization and administration of new digital library facilities
  • collection development in digital libraries
  • technological infrastructures for seamlessly integrated computer databases over the Internet
  • XML and other new standards for displaying data on the web
  • interface design issues in the search environment
  • object oriented interfaces and improved searching possibilities
  • a brief history of patents on the internet

    Digital Libraries is a working reference for your digital library-specific problems. Split into three related sections: Philosophies, Technical Design Considerations, and Example Scenarios, Digital Libraries addresses the many complexities and new issues that have evolved with the development of digital libraries and their future technologies. You will gain a thorough understanding of the public service and design considerations that are necessary to take your digital library into the 21st century.

  • Philosophies
  • The Organization of Digital Libraries
  • Collection Development in the Digital Library
  • Usability Evaluation of Digital Libraries
  • New Search and Navigation Techniques in the Digital Library
  • Technical Design Considerations
  • University of Illinois the Federation of Digital Libraries: Interoperability Among Heterogeneous Information Systems
  • Toward Seamlessness with XML
  • Interface Design Considerations in Libraries
  • Grainger Engineering Library: An Object-Enhanced User Interface for Information Retrieval
  • Example Scenarios
  • MAGIC: A Connecticut Collection of Geodata for the Geoscientist
  • Patents in the New World
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included