New to Photoshop? Looking to unlock the impressive power of Photoshop CC? Want to master image editing techniques and achieve professional-level results?

Then Photoshop CC: Essential Skills is the resource you need. This book and companion website’s proven combination of real world image editing examples, step-by-step projects, and professional advice from two internationally recognized authors and Adobe Photoshop Ambassadors delivers an essential learning experience for beginner to intermediate Photoshop users.

This self-study guide to Photoshop CC covers the foundational skills for photographers and image editors to get started before moving onto more advanced image editing and photomontage techniques. A complete section of step-by-step imaging projects and 10+ hours of video tutorials on the companion website hone image editing skills to yield expert-quality results.

chapter 1|22 pages

What’s new for CC

chapter 2|24 pages


chapter 3|40 pages


chapter 4|42 pages

Raw Processing

chapter 5|18 pages

Fine Print

chapter 6|14 pages

Layers and Channels

chapter 7|26 pages


chapter 8|26 pages


chapter 9|16 pages

Layer Blends

chapter 10|82 pages

Retouching Projects

chapter 11|116 pages

Composite Projects

chapter 12|70 pages

Special Effects