Music Technology in Education lays out the principles of music technology and how they can be used to enhance musical teaching and learning in primary and secondary education. Previously published as Computers in Music Education, this second edition has been streamlined to focus on the needs of today’s music education student. It has been completely updated to reflect mobile technologies, social networks, rich media environments, and other technological advances. Topics include:

  • Basic audio concepts and recording techniques
  • Enhanced music instruction with interactive systems, web-based media platforms, social networking, and musicianship software
  • Administration and management of technology resources
  • Distance education and flexible learning

Music Technology in Education provides a strong theoretical and philosophical framework for examining the use of technology in music education while outlining the tools and techniques for implementation in the classroom. Reflective Questions, Teaching Tips, and Suggested Tasks link technology with effective teaching practice. The companion website provides resources for deeper investigation into the topics covered in each chapter, and includes an annotated bibliography, website links, tutorials, and model projects.

section I|28 pages


chapter 1|12 pages

Ways of Making Music with Technology

section II|76 pages


chapter 3|16 pages

Sound Recording

chapter 4|15 pages

Music Production

chapter 5|12 pages

Aural Awareness and Music Theory Training

chapter 6|16 pages

Music Publishing

chapter 7|14 pages

Music and Other Art Forms

section III|69 pages


chapter 8|16 pages

Presentation Platforms

chapter 9|16 pages

Sound Reinforcement

chapter 10|22 pages

Electronic Music Performance

chapter 11|13 pages

Machine Accompaniment

section IV|40 pages


chapter 13|12 pages

Learning Online

chapter 14|14 pages


section V|40 pages


chapter 15|13 pages

Administration and Productivity

chapter 16|11 pages

Managing Music Technologies

chapter 17|12 pages

Integrating New Technologies