This collection of essays developed out of a conference held in Hong Kong in 1988. The aim was to provide a forum for an exchange of views between academics working within the field of sociolinguistics, in particular between those working in the West and those working in the East. Sociolinguistics Today has taken this aim a step further to produce an overview of contemporary research into sociolinguistics worldwide. The book contains articles by acknowledged leaders in the study of language and society, and the presence of sociolinguists working in Asia provides a new and exciting challenge to the hitherto western-dominated field. The comprehensive study of Asian sociolinguistics is unique and engages with the non-Asian contributions to great effect. The range of contributors reinforces the international emphasis of the book.

part |4 pages

Part I: Introduction

chapter 1|62 pages

Sociolinguistics today: Asia and the west

part |4 pages

Part II: Sociolinguistic theory

chapter 3|40 pages

Meaning in sociolinguistic theory

chapter 4|19 pages

Sociolinguistic aspects of literacy

part |4 pages

Part V: Current perspectives in sociolinguistics