First published in 1930, this is the final of Edward Westermarck’s trilogy of titles that explore the society, culture and customs of Morocco. Compiled from years of personal research and interviews conducted with local people, this collection of native proverbs addresses such cultural and ideological concepts as marriage and family, hospitality, goodness and arrogance, as well as sayings relating to certain periods, agriculture and weather. With a detailed introductory essay from Westermarck, this is a fascinating work that will provide invaluable insight for students and those with a general interest in Moroccan and North African history and anthropology.

chapter |64 pages

Introductory Essay

chapter I|16 pages

Women (pp. 65-68).—Marriage (pp. 68-80)

chapter III|14 pages

The Family

chapter V|7 pages


chapter VII|6 pages


chapter VIII|24 pages


chapter IX|11 pages


chapter X|13 pages

Wealth and Poverty

chapter XI|17 pages

Begging and Charity

chapter XII|9 pages


chapter XIII|11 pages


chapter XIV|9 pages

Retribution and Forgiveness

chapter XIX|6 pages

Miscellaneous Proverbs