Stimulating, engaging, and effective, the games and activites in this book offer your students alternatives to learning by rote or performing drills. This book makes it easy for you to develop their linguistic functions through active learning. The specific skills and vocabulary taught in each game or activity is highlighted, as are the easy-to-follow instructions, helpful charts, worksheets and other visuals.

chapter 1|6 pages

Animals and Their Habitats

chapter 2|20 pages

Body Parts and Clothing

chapter 3|10 pages

Colors and Numbers

chapter 4|8 pages

Commands and Directions

chapter 5|8 pages


chapter 6|14 pages

Date and Time

chapter 7|8 pages

Family and the Home

chapter 8|10 pages


chapter 9|16 pages


Pronunciation, Idiomatic Expressions, and Parts of Speech

chapter 10|10 pages

Personal Descriptions

chapter 11|14 pages

Weather, Travel, and Geography

chapter 12|22 pages

Review (Any Topic)