Cradle of northern Europe's later urban and industrial pre-eminence, medieval Flanders was a region of immense political and economic importance -- and already, as so often later, the battleground of foreign powers. Yet this book is, remarkably, the first comprehensive modern history of the region. Within the framework of a clear political narrative, it presents a vivid portrait of medieval Flemish life that will be essential reading for the medievalist -- and a boon for the many visitors to Bruges and Ghent eager for a better understanding of what they see.

chapter 1|20 pages

The Sand that is upon the Seashore

chapter 2|18 pages

The Economic Development of Early Flanders

chapter 3|17 pages

The Counts and the County, 918-1071

chapter 4|41 pages

The Apogee of Flemish Power, 1071-1206

chapter 8|29 pages

A Half-Century of Crisis, 1274-1317