With the end of the Cold War and the prospect of a federal Europe ever closer, this book is a timely reassessment of the processes by which western Europe was reborn out of the devastation and despair of 1945. Concentrating on the first postwar decade and making rich use of the latest research findings, David Ellwood gives a detailed account of the practicalities of reconstruction - how it was done, what it cost, who paid for it, and what those involved hoped for, expected and actually received.

chapter |2 pages


chapter 1|26 pages

The Lessons of Last Time

chapter 2|17 pages

The Realities of Survival 1945-47

chapter 3|14 pages

Managing the Shift to Peace

chapter 4|19 pages

The Reinvention of American Power

chapter 5|19 pages

The Road to the Marshall Plan

chapter 7|19 pages

The Road to Containment

chapter 10|30 pages

From Korea to Recovery

chapter 11|17 pages

Hoping for Prosperity 1953-54 205

chapter 12|21 pages

Expecting Growth 1955-61