Based on a fresh reading of primary sources, Lindy Grant's comprehensive biography of Abbot Suger (1081-1151) provides a reassessment of a key figure of the twelfth century. Active in secular and religious affairs alike - Suger was Regent of France and also abbot of one of the most important abbeys in Europe during the time of the Gregorian reforms. But he is primarily remembered as a great artistic patron whose commissions included buildings in the new Gothic style. Lindy Grant reviews him in all these roles - and offers a corrective to the current tendency to exaggerate his role as architect of both French royal power and the new gothic form.

part I|72 pages

Setting the Scene

chapter Chapter 1|29 pages

Interpreting Suger

chapter Chapter 2|18 pages

Reading Between the Lines: Suger’s Writings

part II|108 pages

Active Life

chapter Chapter 4|10 pages

Youth and Education

chapter Chapter 5|23 pages

The Young Politician, 1106–1122

chapter Chapter 6|34 pages

The Abbot as Politician, 1122–1137

chapter Chapter 7|14 pages

The Abbot as Politician, 1137–The Mid-1140s

chapter Chapter 8|24 pages

The Regent, 1147–1149

part III|96 pages

The Abbot’s Life

chapter Chapter 9|27 pages

Suger as Abbot: Pastor of his Flock

chapter Chapter 10|30 pages

The Abbot as Guardian of Abbey Property

chapter Chapter 11|37 pages

The Patron

part IV|34 pages

Drawing the Curtain