This book provides an accessible study of the neglected but highly important series of wars fought for control of the Baltic and Northeastern Europe during the period 1558-1721. It is the first comprehensive history which considers the revolution in military strategy which took place in the battlefields of Eastern Europe. Robert Frost examines the impact of war on the very different social and political systems of Sweden, Denmark, Poland-Lithuania and Russia and he explains why it was Russia that emerged victorious from these wars. Based on extensive primary and secondary research (including much material that is unfamiliar in English) this book makes an important contribution to the debate on military change and political development in early modern Europe.

chapter 1|22 pages


chapter 2|21 pages

The First Northern War

chapter 3|30 pages

The Ascendancy of Poland-Lithuania

chapter 5|31 pages

The Rise of Sweden

chapter 6|23 pages

New Beginnings

chapter 9|37 pages

The Start of the Great Northern War

chapter 10|38 pages

Russia's Triumph

chapter 11|29 pages