Of northern European nations, the British had the greatest impact on the Americas. Their history there embraces far more than the colonies that became the United States: England had been in the New World for a century before those colonies were established, and the British presence long outlived their loss. This integrated account of that involvement spans the entire arc of British territories from the Caribbean to Canada, and the entire period from the first appearance of the English to the disintegration of the British and other Euro-American empires. A fascinating story, engrossingly told, it fills a major gap in current historiography.

chapter |6 pages


part |2 pages

Part One Emergence of Empire, 1480-1642

chapter 1|26 pages

English Explorations in the Atlantic

chapter 2|21 pages

First Colonies

chapter 3|37 pages

Migrants and Settlers

part |2 pages

Part Two Expansion and Consolidation, 1642-1713

chapter 4|32 pages

The Expansion of Empire

chapter 5|25 pages

English Colonies in the Caribbean

chapter 6|36 pages

The North American Colonies

chapter 7|27 pages

Government and Politics

part |2 pages

Part Three Transformations of Empire, 1713-1815

chapter 8|35 pages

War, Trade and Empire, 1713-1776

chapter 9|32 pages

Crisis of Empire

chapter 10|29 pages

Realignments of Empire