A volume dealing with the regional and local history of South East England, this covers the landcape and society of the modern counties of Surrey, Kent, East and West Sussex and Greater London, south of the Thames from late Anglo-Saxon times to the present. The authors have tried to show the diversity that can be found within the region as well as common characteristics which illustrate the local peculiarities of the area. The works in the series offer a synthesis of both historical and archaeological work in local areas. Each region is covered in two linked but independent volumes, the first covering the period up to AD 1000 and necessarily relying on archaeological data, and the second bringing the story up to modern times. It aims to portray life as it was experienced by the majority of people of South Britain or England as it was to become. The authors look at the major historical events which have an impact on the reagion - wars, plagues, technological changes and socio-cultural trends amongst them - but they also stress the underlying continuity of rural and urban life.

chapter 1|18 pages

The Personality of South-East England

chapter 2|74 pages

The Early Middle Ages

chapter 3|39 pages

The Later Middle Ages

chapter 4|70 pages

The South East in Transition, 1520 -1 660

chapter 5|66 pages

Innovation and Stress, 1660-1837

chapter 6|93 pages

A Century of Change, 1837—1939