The thrust of the book is not so much upon the formation of grammatical constructs but rather upon the shape of the grammatical system and its relation to semantics, discourse and pragmatics.

part |2 pages

Part One: On language, learning, and consciousness

chapter 1|13 pages

The learning of grammar

chapter 2|18 pages


chapter |1 pages

Questions to Part One

part |1 pages

Part Two: On edge in language

chapter 3|6 pages

Living language

chapter |2 pages

Questions to Part Two

part |3 pages

Part Three: The reaches of grammar

chapter 6|16 pages

Grammar and discourse

chapter 7|13 pages

Grammar and semantics

chapter |1 pages

Questions to Part Three

part |1 pages

Part Four: The shape of English grammar

chapter 9|21 pages

English and language typology

chapter 10|14 pages

English and language universals

chapter |2 pages

Questions to Part Four

part |2 pages

Part Five: Grammar and the pedagogical programme

chapter 11|10 pages

Grammar and the language curriculum

chapter 12|23 pages

Grammar and the language syllabus

chapter |1 pages

Questions to Part Five