Mary Celeste is an iconic mystery - a perfectly seaworthy ship found wandering aimlessly at sea, her crew strangely and inexplicably missing.

Paul Begg tells the story of the discovery of Mary Celeste and the people who vanished, and investigates over a century’s worth of speculation and survivors’ tales, searching for the facts behind one of the world’s great mysteries.

chapter 1|9 pages

The ocean wanderer

chapter 2|14 pages

Spencer’s Island

chapter 3|9 pages

Benjamin Spooner Briggs

chapter 4|5 pages

The crew

chapter 5|14 pages

The voyage

chapter 6|24 pages

Meet Mr Frederick Solly Flood

chapter 7|5 pages


chapter 8|25 pages

Wild and fanciful tales

chapter 9|11 pages

From Hammer to Goon to postage stamp

chapter 10|14 pages

Other maritime mysteries

chapter 11|16 pages

Theories of abandonment

chapter 12|12 pages


chapter 13|5 pages

Mary Celeste – found?