Drylands, which cover over half the world's area, have witnessed rapid development, exploitation and change with the discovery of mineral reserves, urbanization and population growth. Environmental management is critical to the conservation and sustainable use of resources.
This comprehensive text offers a systematic study of the physical nature of drylands and the history of human response to and uses of these harsh landscapes. Detailed case studies, including urban as well as pastoral drylands from California to Soviet Central Asia, the Middle East, the Sahara and Australia, contrast different management approaches and problems.

part |2 pages

Part One: Systematic Study of Drylands

chapter 1|54 pages

Nature of the Dryland Environment

chapter 2|40 pages

Human Use of Drylands

chapter 3|66 pages

Intensive Use of the Dryland Environment

chapter 4|30 pages

Extensive Use of the Dryland Environment

part |2 pages

Part Three: Prospect

chapter 13|24 pages

The Future of Drylands