Designed as a 'one-stop shopping' tool for anyone interested in or affected by substance abuse, this book provides detailed discussions that include the history, chemistry, biology, epidemiology, and salient characteristics of the most important and prevalent abused substances.

part |2 pages

Part I Introductory Principles

chapter 1|4 pages

The language of Substance Abuse

chapter 2|3 pages

Historical Perspectives

chapter 3|12 pages

Neurobiology of Addiction

chapter 4|4 pages

Physiology of Addiction

chapter 5|6 pages

Genetic Factors

chapter 6|5 pages

Epidemiology of Substance Abuse

part |2 pages

Part II Major Substances of Abuse

chapter 7|13 pages


chapter 8|6 pages


chapter 10|6 pages


chapter 11|8 pages


chapter 12|8 pages


chapter 13|16 pages

Stimulants: Cocaine and Methamphetamine

part |2 pages

Part III Evaluation and Early Treatment

part |2 pages

Part IV Psychosocial Treatment Approaches to Substance Abuse

chapter 17|4 pages

The Intervention

chapter 18|3 pages


chapter 19|12 pages

Individual Psychotherapy for Substance Users

chapter 20|8 pages

Twelve Step Programs

chapter 21|25 pages

Group Psychotherapy

chapter 22|19 pages

Family Therapy

chapter 23|9 pages

Network Therapy

chapter 24|6 pages

The Therapeutic Community

part |2 pages

Part V Pharmacology and Medical-Model Treatments

chapter 26|11 pages


part |2 pages

Part VI Policy Issues

chapter 27|5 pages

Drugs in the Workplace

chapter 28|5 pages

Drugs and the Law

chapter 29|4 pages

Prevention and Education

part |2 pages

Part VII Special Populations and Special Considerations

part |2 pages

Part VIII Commonly asked Questions about Substance Abuse