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part 1|2 pages


chapter 2|4 pages

The Initial Analysis

chapter 3|5 pages

The Argument from Differential Certainty

chapter 4|8 pages

The Argument from Hallucination

chapter 1|3 pages

The Dilemma of Attention

chapter 2|3 pages

Ryle’s Criticisms

chapter 3|4 pages

Sense-data and Material Things

chapter 4|4 pages

The Selection or Generation of Sense-data

chapter 5|8 pages

The Category of Sense-data

part 1|2 pages

Reduction to Sense-data

chapter 2|4 pages


chapter 3|6 pages

From Factual to Linguistic Phenomenalism

chapter 4|5 pages

Phenomenalism Without Equivalence

chapter 5|3 pages

Observers and Landmarks

chapter 7|9 pages

Causal Properties

chapter 8|5 pages

Categorical and Hypothetical Statements

chapter 1|6 pages

The Alternative Language Thesis

chapter 2|4 pages

The Value of a Sense-datum Language

chapter 3|5 pages

Paradigm Arguments and Other Techniques

chapter 4|10 pages

Ryle and Dilemmas

chapter 5|9 pages

Malcolm and Certainty

chapter 2|4 pages

Unplausible Variants Rejected

chapter 3|5 pages

The Theory as the Best Hypothesis

chapter 4|3 pages

External Causes

chapter 5|8 pages

Primary and Secondary Qualities

chapter 6|10 pages

Its Rejection as an Explanatory Hypothesis

chapter 1|5 pages


chapter 2|5 pages

Towards a Satisfactory Alternative

chapter 3|5 pages

The Identity Hypothesis

chapter 4|7 pages

Advantages and Assumptions

chapter 5|5 pages

An Objection from Parapsychology

chapter 6|11 pages

Further Objections Answered

chapter 2|3 pages

The Thesis that Perception is Judgment

chapter 3|6 pages

Some Difficulties in the Thesis

chapter 4|6 pages

An Idealist Defence Examined

chapter 1|7 pages

Attention and the Sentience Hypothesis

chapter 2|5 pages

Stereoscopic Vision

chapter 3|8 pages

Learning and Experience in Perception

chapter 4|7 pages

Figure-Ground and Constancy

chapter 5|5 pages

Further Notes and Summary

chapter 2|6 pages

Statement of the Final Theory

chapter 5|18 pages