This thorough book provides valuable information on guardianship and alternative methods for serving judgment-impaired adults. To date, much of contemporary guardianship policy has been developed by “muddling through.” This book explores developments in case law concerning the scope of the guardian's authority, the proposed national guardianship act, and proposed changes in federal legislation regarding representative payees, and provides guidance in these important areas of concern.

Contents Introduction
  • Evaluating Decisionmaking Capacity in the Elderly: A Review of Recent Literature
  • Elder Abuse and Guardians of Elderly Incompetents
  • Uses of Guardianship as a Protective Intervention for Frail, Older Adults
  • A Judicial Menu: Selecting Remedies for the Incapacitated Elder
  • Material Abuse of the Elderly: When is Guardianship a Solution?
  • Elderly Nursing Home Residents' Need for Public Guardianship Services in Tennessee
  • Social Contract, Communities, and Guardians
  • Managing Guardianships of the Elderly: Protection and Advocacy as Public Policy
  • Avoiding Guardianship
  • Reference Notes Included