As middle school math teachers shift to the Common Core State Standards, the question remains: What do the standards actually look like in the classroom? This book answers that question by taking you inside of real, Common Core classrooms across the country. You’ll see how exemplary teachers are meeting the new requirements and engaging students in math. Through these detailed examples of effective instruction, you will uncover how to bring the standards to life in your own classroom!

Special Features:
• A clear explanation of the big shifts happening in the classroom as a result of the Common Core State Standards
• Real examples of how exemplary teachers are meeting the CCSS by teaching problem solving for different learning styles, proportional reasoning, the Pythagorean theorem, measurements, and more
• A detailed analysis of each example to help you understand why it is effective and how you can try it with your own students
• Practical, ready-to-use tools you can take back to your classroom, including unit plans and classroom handouts


1. Trends and Issues Leading to the Common Core State Standards
2. Exemplary Practice: What Does it Look Like?
3. Gail Englert: Conceptual Foundation for Proportional Reasoning
4. Laura Mullen: Learning Styles and Problem Solving
5. Thomas Wright: Making Sense of the Pythagorean Theorem
6. Madeline Landrum: Modeling Real World Problems with Multi-Step Inequalities
7. Merrie Schroeder: Statistics with Snack Food
8. Teachers Adapting Tasks to Closely Align to CCSSM
9. Jim Specht: The Last Great Race
10. Ivan Gill: Meaningful Connections Between Measurement, Units, Proportions and Graphing
11. Patterson School 2: Journey Beyond TIMSS