This undergraduate psychology text acknowledges the diverse backgrounds and learning styles of students by blending Adlerian "tasks of life" with the developmental psychology of Adler, Catalano, Dreikurs, Erikson, Fowler, Fromm, Gilligan, Hoffberger, Kierkegaard, Kohlberg, Levinson, Maslow, May, Piaget, Rogers, Sekkaran and Sternberg. Each chapter examines one of life's greatest adventures and offers the wisdom and advice of psychologists and counsellors most familiar with that aspect of life. Chapters cover adventures such as birth, loss, loving, leaving, growing up, growing old, children who succeed and fail, stagnant and fulfilling careers, faith, despair and crisis and transformation. Reflection questions precede each chapter to stimulate class discussion.

Adventures and Dragons; The Miracle of Crisis: A Case Example; Love: The Greatest Adventure; The Parental Adventure: The Voyages of Future Heroes; Icaurs and the Dragons: Teenagers, Their Parents and Beyond; The Inner Quest: Cognitive, Moral and Religious Growth; Work and Careers: The Perilous Voyage; The Final Days of the Hero. Postcript: Heroes in Our Past.