This book helps teachers get to grips with using software and offers advice on the different classroom management, differentiation and learning styles issues involved in using a whiteboard in a classroom context by:

* Covering issues specific to Primary school teachers integrating whiteboard teaching into their classrooms

* Providing cross-curricular strategies that help teachers incorporate the board in a range of subjects

* Including screenshots and photos that show what can be created and how to do it

* Offering innovative ways of presenting curriculum topics

* Including downloadable resources packed full of resources that teachers can develop for their own use.

Part I: The Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom 1. Practical matters 2. How can an interactive whiteboard enhance teaching and learning in the primary school? 3. Pedagogy Part II: Getting Started 4. Getting acquainted with the interactive whiteboard 5. Basic operations 6. IWB software Part III: Lesson Resources 7. English 8. Mathematics 9. Other subject areas