Foam Patterning and Construction Techniques: Turning 2D Designs into 3D Shapes explains how to create your theatrical prop, puppet, or costume design using the unique and tricky medium of foam. Step-by-step instructions, photographs, and explanations illustrate how to translate your design from paper to reality by creating custom "skin" patterns, followed by creation of a foam mockup. The book details how to bring your project to life with varied finishing techniques, including using fur and fabric coverings and dying and painting foam. Numerous supplies, tools, and safety procedures and protocols are also covered.

section I|38 pages

The medium of foam: materials, tools, and safety

chapter 2|10 pages


chapter 3|8 pages

what type of foam to use?

section II|18 pages


chapter 4|9 pages

an approach to design

section III|31 pages

Translating design into reality: techniques used in the patterning process

chapter 8|7 pages

speed patterning

chapter 9|6 pages

free-form foam patterning

section IV|34 pages

Determining the pattern divisions, “truing” patterns, and changing scale

section V|17 pages

Putting it all together: from pattern to object

chapter 15|8 pages

how to bevel corners and utilize darts

chapter 16|4 pages

cutting pattern pieces out of foam

chapter 17|4 pages

gluing and sewing

section VI|31 pages

Finishing the design

section VII|43 pages

This section goes through the full process for six projects

chapter 21|6 pages

free-form foam construction

chapter 23|7 pages

patterned foam mask

chapter 24|8 pages

patterned foam armor

chapter 25|10 pages

patterned and carved raptor