Leading Beautifully provides a new dimension to understanding effective leadership. Drawing from lessons in the arts and the humanities, English and Ehrich explore how educational decision-making in schools can be informed by identity, personal competence, and an understanding of the field’s intellectual foundations. Based on in-depth interviews of artists and educational leaders, this book provides insight into the inner world of successful leaders who have developed competencies and understandings that extend beyond the standard leadership tool box. This exciting new book explores the theory and practice of leadership connoisseurship as a human-centered endeavor and as an antidote to mechanistic, business-oriented practices. The authors’ well-grounded reconsideration of educational leadership will enliven and enhance any educational leader’s practice.


chapter 1|30 pages

Connoisseurship Revealed

chapter 2|32 pages

A Typology of Connoisseurship

chapter 3|18 pages

Educational Leaders as Connoisseurs

chapter 4|32 pages

How Artists and Leaders Think and Work 1

chapter 5|25 pages

Portraits of Artists

chapter 8|22 pages

Leading Beautifully

The Cosmogony of Connoisseurship

chapter |4 pages


Final Lessons on Connoisseurship