The best way to prepare students for the Common Core State Standards in Math is through daily practice. This book provides engaging, practical lesson starters you can use each day to help middle school students become proficient in the complex mathematical thinking required by the Common Core.

The lesson starters in this book are…

  • reproducible and ready-to-use in the classroom;
  • aligned with the five domains of the Common Core State Standards in Math;
  • written to elicit the type of deep thinking that students need to succeed on the non-traditional PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments; and
  • powerful formative assessment tools to assist teachers in diagnosing student misconceptions so that daily lessons can be fine-tuned to meet the immediate learning needs of their students.

Lesson starters not only aid instruction but also cut back on classroom management problems, since students get to work right when the bell rings. This book will help you engage students, save planning time, and bring all students to success in math!



Lesson Starters, the Common Core State Standards and This Book

What is a Lesson Starter and How Can They Improve Classroom Instruction and Behavior Management?

Classroom Suggestions for Successful Lesson Starters

Classroom Expectations for Lesson Starters

The Common Core State Standards: Content Standards for Grades 6-8

The Common Core State Standards: Mathematical Practice Standards for Grades K-12

Unit 1. CCSS-M Domain RP: Ratios & Proportional Relationships

Unit 2. CCSS-M Domain NS: The Number System

Unit 3. CCSS-M Domain EE: Expressions & Equations

Unit 4. CCSS-M Domain G: Geometry

Unit 5. CCSS-M Domain SP: Statistics & Probability

Unit 6. Lesson Starters to Use With Multiple Math Topics

Complete List of Lesson Starters

Selected Answers