How can apps be used to foster learning with literacy across the curriculum? This book offers both a theoretical framework for considering app affordances and practical ways to use apps to build students’ disciplinary literacies and to foster a wide range of literacy practices.

Using Apps for Learning Across the Curriculum

  • presents a wide range of different apps and also assesses their value
  • features methods for and apps related to planning instruction and assessing student learning
  • identifies favorite apps whose affordances are most likely to foster certain disciplinary literacies
  • includes resources and apps for professional development
  • provides examples of student learning in the classroom

A website (www.usingipads.pbworks.com) with resources for teaching and further reading for each chapter, a link to a blog for continuing conversations about topics in the book (appsforlearningliteracies.com), and more enhance the usefulness of the book.

part 1|57 pages

A Literacy-Based Framework for Using Apps

chapter 1|16 pages


Defining Purposes for Learning With Literacies Through Use of Apps

part 2|191 pages

Guidelines and Classroom Examples for Using Apps

chapter 5|22 pages

Using Apps for Reading Digitally

chapter 6|39 pages

Using Apps for Writing

chapter 7|24 pages

Using Apps to Foster Discussion

chapter 9|22 pages

Using Apps for Audio and Video Productions

chapter 10|21 pages

Using Apps for Gaming/Simulations

chapter 11|18 pages

Using Apps for Reflection/Assessment

part 3|15 pages

Professional Development

chapter 12|14 pages

Professional Development on Using Apps