Structured directly around the specification of the OCR, this is the definitive textbook for students of Advanced Subsidiary or Advanced Level courses. The updated third edition covers all the necessary topics for Philosophy of Religion in an enjoyable student-friendly fashion. Each chapter includes:

  • a list of key issues
  • OCR specification checklist
  • explanations of key terminology
  • overviews of key scholars and theories
  • self-test review and exam practice questions.

To maximise students’ chances of success, the book contains a section dedicated to answering examination questions. It comes complete with diagrams and tables, lively illustrations, a comprehensive glossary and full bibliography. Additional resources are available via the companion website at www.routledge.com/cw/mayled.

part |1 pages

Part I The God of Philosophy

chapter 1|25 pages

Plato and Philosophy of Religion

chapter 2|14 pages

Aristotle and Philosophy of Religion

part |1 pages

Part II The God of Faith

chapter 3|23 pages

God the Creator

chapter 4|14 pages

The Goodness of God

part |1 pages

Part III The Existence of God

chapter 5|18 pages

The Ontological Argument

chapter 6|21 pages

The Cosmological Argument

chapter 7|25 pages

The Teleological Argument

chapter 8|21 pages

The Moral Argument

part |1 pages

Part IV Challenges to the Belief in God

chapter 9|34 pages

The Problem of Evil

chapter 10|41 pages

Science and Religion

part |1 pages

Part V The Nature of Religious Belief

chapter 11|39 pages

Life after Death

chapter 12|20 pages

Revelation and Holy Scripture

chapter 13|26 pages

Religious Experience

chapter 14|50 pages


chapter 15|41 pages

Religious Language

chapter 16|28 pages

The Nature of God

chapter 17|28 pages

Psychology and Sociology of Religion