This is Laski’s most important book after A Grammar of Politics. It discusses, on a grand scale, every aspect of American public life. Laski surveys American traditions and the American spirit, political institutions, the entire educational, religious, economic and social scene, America as a world power, and Americanism as a principle of civilisation. Laski’s unsurpassed knowledge of American constitutional, social and cultural history is set in the perspective of his deep study of comparative constitutional history and political theory. He was one of very few people to see U.S. politics from the inside, as a result of his friendships with Roosevelt, Brandeis and Oliver Wendell Holmes.

chapter I|36 pages

The Traditions of America

chapter II|33 pages

The Spirit of America

chapter III|66 pages

American Political Institutions: Federal

chapter V|35 pages

American Business Enterprise

chapter VI|64 pages

American Labour

chapter VII|59 pages

Religion in America

chapter VIII|70 pages

American Education

chapter IX|59 pages

American Culture

chapter X|43 pages

America and Its Minority Problems

chapter XI|69 pages

America as a World Power

chapter XII|51 pages

The Professions in America

chapter XIII|99 pages

Press, Cinema, and Radio in America

chapter XIV|49 pages

Americanism as a Principle of Civilization