What the Persian Media Says: A Coursebook is a comprehensive and stimulating course for intermediate to advanced students of Persian. Presenting many exercises based on authentic Persian newspaper texts, the course thoroughly introduces students to the language of the news in Iran. Real cultural content is featured throughout and there is a strong focus on enabling students to gain familiarity with day-to-day modern Persian discourse.

Features include:

  • A wide range of interesting and challenging exercises presented throughout, including activities designed to both test students’ knowledge in a classroom setting and to search online for further Persian news resources
  • Usage of authentic texts from the Iranian media, written for native speakers, with sources including Ettelā’āt, Keyhān, Sharq, E’temād, Irān, and Mardomsālāri
  • Coverage of topics highly relevant to modern day Persian society, including the Arts, divorce, violence, problems of youth, unemployment, politics and economic issues, enabling cultural engagement and knowledge of complex expressions and idioms used in the media

  • A comprehensive bilingual glossary of journalistic and non-journalistic terminology used in the newspaper texts, provided at the back of the book for easy access
  • All the newspaper texts and their corresponding audio files available for free download at https://routledgetextbooks.com/textbooks/9781138825567/

What the Persian Media Says combines modern and more traditional techniques of language teaching. With all the newspaper texts and their corresponding audio files available for free on the Routledge website, students can read the texts in digital form and listen to the audio while working on exercises in the book, enabling full and exciting engagement with the course materials.

Written by an experienced instructor, this will be an invaluable resource for intermediate to advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students of Persian. It can also be used by self-learners and by instructors and students on intensive courses and summer language programs.

chapter 1|5 pages

درس ۱

chapter 2|4 pages

درس ۲

chapter 3|5 pages

درس ۳

chapter 4|5 pages

درس ۴

chapter 5|5 pages

سرد ۵

chapter 6|5 pages

درس ۶

chapter 7|7 pages

درس ۷

chapter 8|6 pages

درس ۸

chapter 9|4 pages

درس ۹

chapter 10|4 pages

درس ۱۰

chapter 11|6 pages

درس ۱۱

chapter 12|4 pages

درس ۱۲

chapter 13|5 pages

درس ۱۳

chapter 14|4 pages

درس ۱۴

chapter 15|4 pages

درس ۱۵

chapter 16|5 pages

درس ۱۶

chapter 17|5 pages

درس ۷۱

chapter 18|5 pages

درس ۱۸

chapter 19|4 pages

درس ۱۹

chapter 20|4 pages

درس ۲۰

chapter 21|5 pages

درس ۲۱

chapter 22|4 pages

درس ۲۲

chapter 23|4 pages

درس ۲۳

chapter 24|4 pages

درس ۲۴

chapter 25|4 pages

درس ۲۵

chapter 26|4 pages

درس ۲۶

chapter 27|4 pages

درس ۲۷

chapter 28|5 pages

درس ۲۸

chapter 29|5 pages

درس ۲۹

chapter 30|6 pages

درس ۳۰