Originally published in 1922, this title was intended for the expert and for the general reader. The original blurb states: "As far as the general reader is concerned, there does not yet exist a volume which gives a straightforward and thoroughly comprehensible explanation of the leading methods and theories of psychoanalysis, in conjunction with an exposition of the philosophical, educational, and general psychological bearings of the doctrine. But the author’s main object is a practical one. ‘The method to which experience has led me, and whose results are here recorded,’ writes Baudouin in the first chapter, ‘is founded upon unceasing collaboration between autosuggestion and psychoanalysis. Whether it be heretical or not, I am confident that immense advantage can be derived from such collaboration.’"

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Title Page

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Copyright Page

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Original Title Page

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Translators' Preface

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Table of Contents

chapter 1|6 pages

The two Categories of Psychoanalysis

chapter 2|8 pages

Guiding Principles of the present Work

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Part One: Theoretical Exposition

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Part Two: Case Histories

chapter V|29 pages


chapter VI|20 pages

The Crisis of Adolescence

chapter VII|31 pages

Attitude Towards the Parents

chapter IX|37 pages

Typical Nervous Disorders

chapter X|18 pages

Mental Disorders

chapter XI|29 pages


chapter XII|26 pages

The Search for a Guide