Originally published in 1924, this title is substantially a continuation of Baudouin’s earlier work Studies in Psychoanalysis, being an application of psychoanalysis to the theory of aesthetics, as illustrated by a detailed study of the works of the Belgian poet Emile Verhaeren. The ‘interpretation’ Freud has supplied for dreams Baudouin attempts – and archives – for the imagery of the artistic creator. The work is in part based upon private documents supplied to the author by Madame Verhaeren, an autograph letter, and a previously unpublished poem.

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Translators' Preface

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Table of Contents

chapter I|35 pages

Les Tendresses Premières

chapter II|36 pages

Les Flamandes and Les Moines

chapter III|49 pages

The Crisis

chapter IV|47 pages

Conversion and Deliverance

chapter V|40 pages

An Oedipus Trilogy

chapter VI|51 pages

Life in all Its Ardour