The Women of Cairo: Scenes of Life in the Orient, first published in 1929, describes the trip to Egypt and other locations in the Ottoman Empire taken by French Romanticist Gerard de Nerval. The book focuses on both reinforcing and dispelling the old ways in which people saw the Orient, as well as examining their old and new customs. This book is perfect for those studying history and travel.

part I|54 pages

Coptic Marriages

chapter I|6 pages

The Mask and the Veil

chapter II|8 pages

A Wedding by Torchlight

chapter III|7 pages

Abdullah the Dragoman

chapter IV|7 pages

The Inconveniences of Celibacy

chapter V|6 pages

The Mousky

chapter VI|7 pages

An Adventure in the Besestain

chapter VII|5 pages

A Dangerous House

chapter VIII|7 pages

The Wékil

chapter IX|7 pages

The Garden of Rosetta

part II|55 pages

The Slaves

chapter I|4 pages


chapter II|6 pages

Monsieur Jean

chapter III|4 pages

The Khowals

chapter IV|3 pages

The Khanoum

chapter V|8 pages

My Visit to the French Consul

chapter VI|5 pages

The Dervishes

chapter VII|3 pages

Domestic Troubles

chapter VIII|7 pages

The Okel of the Jellab

chapter IX|4 pages

The Cairo Theatre

chapter X|4 pages

The Barber's Shop

chapter XI|9 pages

The Caravan from Mecca

chapter XII|4 pages


chapter XIII|5 pages

The Javanese

part III|51 pages

The Harem

chapter I|4 pages

The Past and the Future

chapter II|4 pages

Life at the Time of the Khamsin

chapter III|6 pages

Domestic Duties

chapter IV|4 pages

First Lessons in Arabic

chapter V|5 pages

My Charming Interpreter

chapter VI|12 pages

The Island of Roddah

chapter VII|5 pages

The Viceroy's Harem

chapter VIII|4 pages

The Mysteries of the Harem

chapter IX|4 pages

The French Lesson

chapter X|5 pages


chapter XI|5 pages

The Affrits

part IV|19 pages

The Pyramids

chapter I|4 pages

The Climb

chapter II|7 pages

The Platform

chapter III|8 pages

The Ordeals

chapter IV|2 pages


part V|28 pages

The Cange

chapter I|5 pages

Preparations for the Journey

chapter II|4 pages

A Family Celebration

chapter III|5 pages

The Mutahir

chapter IV|3 pages

The Sirafeh

chapter V|8 pages

The Forest of Stone

chapter VI|7 pages

Breakfast in Quarantine

part VI|43 pages

The "Santa-Barbara"

chapter I|5 pages

A Companion

chapter II|5 pages

Lake Menzaleh

chapter III|4 pages

The Ketch

chapter IV|5 pages

Andare sul Mare

chapter V|4 pages


chapter VI|4 pages

Diary of the Voyage

chapter VII|6 pages


chapter VIII|5 pages

The Menace

chapter IX|4 pages

The Coast of Palestine

chapter X|7 pages


part VII|33 pages

The Mountain

chapter I|7 pages

Father Planchet

chapter II|5 pages

The Kief

chapter III|6 pages

The Table D'Hôte

chapter IV|6 pages

The Palace of the Pasha

chapter V|7 pages

The Bazaars—The Harbour

chapter VI|6 pages

The Santon's Tomb