This volume is made up of articles and broadcasts and deals with the conditions and methods of making the British war effort more effective. It then goes on to deal with post war problems and discusses the Beveridge Report in its perspective of social policy designed to make "New Britain" after the war.

chapter |6 pages


chapter 2|6 pages

A New Spirit for Total War

chapter 3|6 pages

The Meaning of Total War

chapter 4|8 pages

The Five Christian Standards

chapter 5|12 pages

Maintenance of Employment

chapter 6|6 pages

Plan for Social Security

chapter 7|17 pages

Third Time Lucky?

chapter 8|4 pages

Four Questions on the Plan

chapter 9|18 pages

New Britain

chapter 10|19 pages

The Pillars of Security

chapter 13|13 pages

Social Security and Social Policy

chapter 14|11 pages

Children's Allowances and the Race

chapter 15|5 pages

The Massacre of the Jews

chapter 16|8 pages

Four Stones for Goliath Squalor

chapter 17|6 pages

On Going to America

chapter 18|6 pages

The Pace of Government

chapter 19|5 pages

"Back to Our Job"