‘The manager’ is a crucial figure in debates about the future of the British economy in general and the working practices of private and public organizations in particular. He or she is to be encouraged, cajoled, exhorted or at worst obliged to pursue organizational goals of greater economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Richard Scase and Robert Goffee examine the lives of managers in this study, first published in 1989. The information in the book comes from in-depth interviews with men and women in both private and public sector organizations. The authors also explore managers’ feelings towards their work and home lives, and where their strongest alliances lie. The book reveals that, under increasing pressures at work and changing expectations at home, managers are fundamentally reluctant to fulfil the committed entrepreneurial roles that many optimistically have been allocating to them.

This book is ideal for students of business and management.

chapter 2|33 pages

The costs and benefits of work

chapter 3|25 pages

Organizational change and management style

chapter 4|28 pages

Personal ambitions and careers

chapter 5|23 pages

Women, work and careers

chapter 6|26 pages

Home lives and personal lifestyles

chapter 7|24 pages

Men and women managers and their partners

chapter 8|13 pages