This book, first published in 1963, discusses the events of the Paris Peace Conference- the meeting of Allied victors following the end of World War I to set peace terms. Lord Hankey discusses the political and military terms and issues, as well as those of individual countries. This book is ideal for students of modern history.

chapter I|6 pages

From War to Peace

chapter II|6 pages

President Wilson’s Visit to London

chapter III|11 pages

The Build-Up of the Conference Organization

chapter IV|10 pages

The Conference and the Dominions

chapter V|7 pages

The First Plenary Meetings

chapter VI|6 pages

The Conference and Russia

chapter VII|12 pages

German Colonies and Dominions Mandates

chapter VIII|7 pages

The Churchill Intervention

chapter X|5 pages

Accumulating Difficulties

chapter XI|10 pages

Military Terms of Peace

chapter XII|10 pages

Origin of the Council of Four

chapter XIII|13 pages

Summit Reorganization

chapter IX|14 pages

Italy’s Claims: Orlando’s Dilemma

chapter XV|16 pages

Completion of the Draft Treaty with Germany

chapter XVI|6 pages

The Presentation of the Treaty

chapter XVII|6 pages

Mandates and the Austrian Treaty

chapter XVIII|5 pages

The Greek Episode and Italian Claims

chapter XIX|5 pages

Changes in Procedure

chapter XX|10 pages

Will the Germans Sign?

chapter XXI|12 pages

The Signing

chapter |4 pages