How can teachers develop best practice in art teaching?

This fully updated third edition of Rob Barnes’ classic text blends practical ideas with sound principles of art education. Teachers and student teachers will find a range of ideas and tried and tested classroom examples; whilst for those looking for firm principles of art teaching and ‘best practice’ this book presents many important issues in art education with clarity and insight.

Based on first-hand experience of teaching children, this text uses many examples from early years and primary school contexts, and tackles essential topics with realism and imagination such as:

  • developing skills through using media
  • how children draw
  • encouraging artistic confidence in children
  • producing original artwork and making use of digital imagery

Rob Barnes’ unique approach encourages teachers to develop and think about art as part of a rich curriculum of learning, highlighting how it shouldn’t be taught in isolation but with purposeful links to other areas of the curriculum.

chapter 1|5 pages

Learning through art

chapter 2|9 pages

The value of art

chapter 3|9 pages

Producing original artwork

chapter 4|13 pages

How children draw

chapter 5|10 pages

Developing ideas

chapter 6|11 pages

Activities, curriculum and progression

chapter 7|10 pages

Classroom organization

chapter 8|11 pages

More activities for young children

chapter 9|7 pages

Using paint

chapter 10|8 pages

Sequencing printmaking

chapter 11|7 pages

Collage as a medium

chapter 12|12 pages

Design and problem-solving

chapter 13|10 pages

Talking with children

chapter 14|6 pages

Assessment and evaluation

chapter 15|11 pages

Art and the digital image

chapter 16|11 pages

Using media and techniques to build skills

chapter 17|10 pages

Learning about artists and designers

chapter 18|4 pages