This collection of engaging and simple to use activities will jumpstart students’ understanding of themselves, their relationships and their knowledge of how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

A wealth of practical activities in the book range from class and group discussions and formal debates to games, role plays, hot seating and thought tracking. This book enables teachers to deliver effective and imaginative PSHE lessons, encouraging children to:

• Share their views on issues that concern them such as bullying

• Learn to think for themselves and to make their own decisions

• Be aware of the dangers involved in drinking, smoking and drugtaking

• Understand their relationships with family and friends

• Explore social issues such as prejudice and discrimination

• Learn how to handle their emotions


Jumpstart! PSHE is an essential classroom resource that will encourage the personal development of children and is the perfect solution for helping teachers deliver effective and imaginative PSHE lessons.



part I|58 pages

Developing self-knowledge and understanding relationships

chapter 1|6 pages

Understanding yourself

chapter 2|10 pages

Family matters

chapter 3|5 pages

Friends and friendships

chapter 4|6 pages

Managing your time

chapter 5|11 pages

Understanding your emotions

chapter 6|6 pages


chapter 7|9 pages

Managing your money

chapter 8|4 pages

Coping with change

part II|49 pages

Keeping healthy

chapter 9|4 pages

Body care

chapter 10|7 pages

Healthy eating

chapter 11|5 pages

Exercise and fitness

chapter 12|5 pages


chapter 13|4 pages


chapter 14|6 pages

Drugs and drug-taking

chapter 15|3 pages

Growing and changing

chapter 16|14 pages

Keeping safe

part III|51 pages

Living in the wider world

chapter 17|4 pages

Your neighbours, your neighbourhood

chapter 18|5 pages

Rules and responsibilities

chapter 19|10 pages

Values and beliefs

chapter 20|8 pages

Prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination

chapter 21|8 pages

Human rights

chapter 22|8 pages

Environmental issues

chapter 23|7 pages

Global issues