A collection of articles covering the economic history of the US over the last 50 years. It is selective in its coverage of important issues not often treated historically, such as the economics of medical care and the educational system.

chapter 1|8 pages

The War's Consequences

chapter 2|13 pages

The Inheritance of the Preceding Decades

chapter 3|24 pages

Some Deeper Currents in the Recent Past

chapter 5|4 pages

Science and Technology

chapter 6|4 pages

Overview of U.S. Science and Technology

chapter 7|1 pages

Technology and Natural Resource Use

chapter 8|4 pages

In the Shadow of the Bomb

chapter 12|2 pages

City and Suburban Populations

chapter 13|1 pages

State Population Trends

chapter 14|2 pages

Geographical Mobility

chapter 16|2 pages

Regional Perspectives

chapter 19|2 pages

Historical Data on Public Transit

chapter 20|3 pages

The Road More Traveled

chapter 22|6 pages

Anatomy of the Voluntary Nonprofit Sector

chapter 26|21 pages

The Company in the Postwar World

chapter 27|5 pages

Recent Developments in Corporate Finance

chapter 29|7 pages

Issues in Labor Supply

chapter 32|23 pages

The Labor Movement

chapter 35|5 pages

Wage Inequality Takes a Great U-Turn

chapter 38|6 pages

American Living Standards

chapter 40|2 pages

Health Status of the American Population

chapter 41|5 pages

The Crisis in Health Insurance

chapter 42|2 pages

We the Americans . . . Our Homes

chapter 43|4 pages

Family-Related Benefits in the Workplace

chapter 45|3 pages

Economic Status of the Elderly

chapter 47|1 pages

In Black America, Life Grows Shorter

chapter 48|3 pages

We the American . . . Hispanics

chapter 51|5 pages

The Economic Effects of Immigration

chapter 52|5 pages

The Inevitability of Government Growth

chapter 54|3 pages

The Midwest Response to the New Federalism

chapter 56|2 pages

Do Taxes Change Behavior?

chapter 57|1 pages

Do Higher Tax Rates Increase Tax Revenues?

chapter 58|5 pages

Activist Government: Key to Growth

chapter 60|3 pages

Stagnation and Government Purchases

chapter 61|12 pages

Rethinking Regulation

chapter 63|6 pages

The Road We've Traveled

chapter 64|11 pages

Consumer Protection: Problems and Prospects

chapter 66|4 pages

Investment in Natural Resources

chapter 67|6 pages

Two Decades of Energy Policy

chapter 68|2 pages

Welfare Dependency: Fact or Myth?

chapter 69|4 pages

The Case for a National Welfare Standard

chapter 71|1 pages

Military Expansion Economic Decline

chapter 72|1 pages

The End of the Cold War

chapter 73|4 pages

A Decent Home

chapter 74|3 pages

A New Housing Policy for America

chapter 75|3 pages

A Study of Public Works Investment

chapter 78|3 pages

A Limited War on Crime That We Can Win

chapter 79|5 pages

Crime and Drugs

chapter 80|14 pages

Financial Markets: Innovation and Stability

chapter 88|2 pages

The Federal Reserve Response

chapter 89|5 pages

Volcker's Revolution at the Fed

chapter 90|3 pages

How Monetarism Failed

chapter 91|2 pages


chapter 93|9 pages

World Trade and Economic Growth

chapter 95|5 pages

Changing U.S. Trade Patterns

chapter 96|3 pages

The North American Free Trade Agreement

chapter 99|3 pages

The Marshall Plan and Early Bilateral Aid

chapter 101|6 pages

Overview of Foreign Assistance

chapter 103|3 pages

The Evolution of the Export-Import Bank

chapter 104|7 pages

Immigration Policy: Political or Economic?