This book, together with A Second Book of Broadsheets makes up an anthology of the 1915 broadsheets distributed by The Times to members of H.M. Forces serving in the trenches of World War I. The volume contains a wide variety of rich literature from before the war and was designed to give soldiers entertainment. It includes extracts from the works of Thomas Hardy, Rudyard Kipling, William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth and  Charles Dickens.

chapter I|3 pages

A Choir Practice

chapter II|6 pages

Poems of England

chapter III|2 pages

St. Crispin’s Day

chapter IV|4 pages

On Birds and Trouts

chapter V|6 pages

A Game of Cribbage

chapter VI|3 pages

England at War

chapter VII|5 pages

David Harris, Cricketer

chapter VIII|4 pages

Partridge at the Play

chapter IX|4 pages

The Last Fight of the ‘Revenge’

chapter X|5 pages

The Winchester Country

chapter XI|4 pages

Nine Songs From Shakespeare

chapter XII|5 pages

Mr. Micawber’s Transactions

chapter XIII|4 pages

John Cavanagh, The Fives-Player

chapter XIV|4 pages

The Men in Buckram

chapter XV|3 pages

Two Letters of Charles Lamb to Wordsworth

chapter XVI|4 pages

David and Goliath

chapter XVII|4 pages

A Quarrel With the Captain

chapter XVIII|4 pages

Ballad of Agincourt

chapter XIX|6 pages

The River of Death

chapter XX|5 pages

Amyas Throws his Sword into the Sea

chapter XXI|5 pages

Three Ballads

chapter XXII|2 pages

Abraham Lincoln

chapter XXIII|5 pages

Mr. Tony Weller on Literature

chapter XXIV|4 pages

A Night Attack

chapter XXV|5 pages

The Queensferry Diligence

chapter XXVI|4 pages


chapter XXVII|5 pages

Admiralty Instructions

chapter XXVIII|3 pages

The Upper Thames

chapter XXIX|5 pages

Mr. Pecksniff at the Boarding-House

chapter XXX|7 pages

John Gilpin

chapter XXXI|4 pages

King William Enters Exeter

chapter XXXII|7 pages

The Green Spectacles

chapter XXXIV|6 pages

Sir Roger at Church

chapter XXXV|2 pages

From Burns

chapter XXXVI|4 pages

A Night Among the Pines

chapter XXXVII|5 pages

Mr. Collins Proposes

chapter XXXVIII|5 pages

Mr. Jorrocks on ’Unting

chapter XXXIX|5 pages

Mrs. Wilfer’s Wedding-Day

chapter XLI|5 pages

Saint George of England

chapter XLII|5 pages

Riding to Sell

chapter XLIII|5 pages

My First Play

chapter XLIV|5 pages

The Landlord’s Debt

chapter XLV|3 pages

Three Songs From Lovelace

chapter XLVI|5 pages

London of the Stuarts

chapter XLVII|3 pages

Home-Coming up the Channel

chapter XLVIII|6 pages

The Lotos-Eaters

chapter XLIX|5 pages

The Death of the Red Fox

chapter L|3 pages

Sir John Moore

chapter LI|5 pages

English-Grown Tobacco

chapter LII|6 pages

Poems From Blake

chapter LIII|4 pages

The Solitary Farmer

chapter LIV|3 pages

The Battle at Ramoth-Gilead

chapter LV|5 pages

The Bow Street Runner and the Romany Chal

chapter LVI|4 pages

The Election at Eatanswill

chapter LVII|5 pages

Songs From Peacock

chapter LVIII|5 pages

Gilbert White on Birds

chapter LIX|5 pages

From ‘Adonais’

chapter LX|4 pages

Mrs. Battle‘s Opinions on Whist

chapter LXI|3 pages

The Glories of Our blood and State

chapter LXII|5 pages

The Second Line of Defence

chapter LXIII|4 pages

The Red Ensign

chapter LXIV|4 pages

A Man and A Goose

chapter LXV|4 pages

Cloud and Storm on Mont Blanc

chapter LXVI|5 pages

A Countryman in London

chapter LXVII|4 pages

Christmas in the Antarctic

chapter LXVIII|6 pages

The Mellstock Carols