Create a classroom environment where students trust their teacher—and one another! In the second edition of this bestseller, co-published by Routledge and Franklin Covey, you’ll learn how to establish the 25 qualities of the high-trust classroom. All change begins with self-awareness, and this book will help you identify the things that you can do personally and professionally to build trust and engage the learner. You’ll learn how to:

  • Manage your emotions to promote a calm, safe, and welcoming classroom environment;
  • Plan effective lessons by setting measurable goals for your students and helping them achieve to their fullest potential;
  • Communicate clearly with your students to build trust and convey expectations with a positive attitude;
  • Become an inspirational and motivating figure in your students’ lives;
  • And much, much more!

This updated edition includes a new section on scoreboarding – visually tracking daily or weekly progress to help drive personal and professional growth – as well as a section on getting students to take ownership of their learning. Whether you are a new or veteran teacher, this book will help you develop a personal growth plan to create a classroom in which all students feel valued, motivated, and inspired.


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Getting the Most from This Book

What’s New in This Edition

Chapter 1: The High-Trust Classroom

Chapter 2: Your Roadmap to Developing a High-Trust Classroom

Chapter 3: The 5 Levels and 25 Qualities of the High-Trust Classroom

Level 1: Personal Alignment

Level 2: Professional Alignment

Level 3: Operations

Level 4: Inviting Classroom Culture

Level 5: Winning Student Trust

Chapter 4: Conclusion

Note to Administrators