First published in 1908, this book presents a study of tuberculosis. It looks first at its causes, before examining how the problem of mortality from illness had already been reduced. The third part of the book then focuses on measures for reducing and annihilating tuberculosis altogether. Being written in the earlier years of the twentieth century, the book will not only be of interest to medical students and practitioners, but also to historians.

part I|202 pages

Causation Of Tuberculosis

chapter I|10 pages

Magnitude Of The Evil: A. Mortality

chapter IV|8 pages

The History Of Phthisis

chapter VI|4 pages

The Tubercle Bacillus

chapter X|12 pages

Latency in Tuberculosis

chapter XI|3 pages

Sources Of Infection

chapter XVI|10 pages

Relation Of Bovine to Human Tuberculosis 1

chapter XIX|6 pages

Domestic Infection

chapter XX|5 pages

Infection in Attendance on The Sick

chapter XXI|4 pages

Industrial Infection

chapter XXII|3 pages

Susceptibility to Infection

chapter XXIII|13 pages

Age and Sex

chapter XXV|9 pages

Hereditary Disposition to Phthisis

chapter XXVII|9 pages

Climate and Soil

part II|95 pages

The Incidence of Tuberculosis Upon Communities

chapter XXVIII|5 pages


chapter XXXI|6 pages

Tuberculosis in Overcrowded Communities

part III|116 pages

Measures for the Reduction and Annihilation of Tuberculosis

chapter XLII|13 pages

The Notification of Phthisis

chapter XLIV|7 pages

Education Authorities And Tuberculosis

chapter XLVII|5 pages

Dispensaries and the Prevention of Phthisis