This book, first published in 1939, is an account of J. Gunnar Andersson’s travels in China from 1914 to 1927 while he was serving as a mining advisor to the Chinese government. Andersson discusses China’s political and economic situation at the time, including the fight for unity, and the future of the region. This book will be of interest to students of history and Asian Studies.

chapter 1|11 pages

Greater Shanghai

chapter 2|14 pages

A Pilgrim Sees Mecca

chapter 3|7 pages

Spring on the Purple Mountain

chapter 4|10 pages

Time Flies Quickly Over China

chapter 5|19 pages

Chiang Kai-Shek and the Northern Campaign

chapter 7|12 pages


chapter 8|9 pages

The New Life Movement

chapter 9|14 pages

Chiang and the Reds

chapter 10|16 pages

The Sian Episode

chapter 11|13 pages

Japan's Continental Policy

chapter 12|14 pages

From Lu Kou Chiao to the Yellow River

chapter 13|8 pages

Good-Bye to Peking

chapter 14|11 pages

The Fight for Shanghai

chapter 15|10 pages

The Burning of Chapei

chapter 16|8 pages

The Fall of Nanking

chapter 17|18 pages

The Struggle for Hsuchow and Hankow

chapter 18


chapter 19

The War and the Great Powers

chapter 20|16 pages

Hong Kong and Port Courbet

chapter 21|23 pages

The Future of East Asia